PWC34910-108 Pratt & Whitney Approved Portable Videoscope Kit – Feat. Joystick PVJ-4-1500 Videoscope


Pratt & Whitney Approved Videoscope Kit, including PVJ-4-1500 portable videoscope with 4-way tip articulation up to 180°, Guide Tubes, Standard Case.


WARNING:  Only Borescopes R Us and GE are Pratt & Whitney approved vendors for certifiable inspection kits.
We are proud to be an authorized distributor for Borescopes R Us to support order fulfillment for the PWC34910-108 and PWC34910-109 kits.

This light weight and portable video borescope will enable users to see where they normally could not. This innovative video borescope offers features that any technician will appreciate:

  • Standard 3.9mm Diameter Probe & Lens
  • 360° Joystick Articulation up to 180°
  • Jobs that require long periods of inspection are no problem, this borescope will operate up to 8hrs on a fully charged battery.
  • 3.5” HD, LED screen gives the viewer a crisp, sharp, image every time.
  • Tungsten sheathing prevents probe fraying, which was common to stainless steel probes of the past.
  • Pratt & Whitney PT6 Certified
  • Non-Incendiary certifications available upon request. (Additional Cost)

Kit Includes…

  • PVJ-4-1500 Videoscope
  • 1 PWC-34910-200/400/600 Guide Tube
    (Please specify which at checkout under “special instructions section”)
  • 1 Straight Insertion Tube Set
  • SD Card for Video/Image Storage & USB Adaptor
  • Standard US 110 Wall Plug To Recharge Videoscope (EU plugs available upon request)
  • Heavy DutyStorage Case


(We are currently updating all Pratt & Whitney approved kits to feature new joystick model videoscopes.  During this process, some images on our website may still reflect older model videoscopes.  We appreciate your patience while we finish updating all online information to reflect the updates!)


Probe cable length : 1.5 M ;   Camera lens diameter :  4.0mm .
Sensor size  1/13″ CMOS VGA
Color sensor pixels 460,000
Camera length 20mm
View angle 120° — 150°
Depth of field 10mm –200mm / 20mm — infinity
Light source 6 LED lights
Monitor 5.0″ TFT LCD
SD card 8GB (Max : 32G)
Video format MPEG4
Picture format JPEG
Video recording format ASF
Video output AV
Languages English, Spanish, Italy, Germany & More (12 languages) .
Zoom function 3 times
Picture/video return function support
Oil/Waterproof standard IP67
Battery Charging Li-battery 3.7V (8 Hour Life Cycle per charge
Power 100-240V AC input, 5.5V  DC output
Working temperature -20 — 60°C
Charging temperature 0—40°C
Accessories Charger,Manual,waterproof tool box